Acupuncture For Your Chronic Pain

Acupuncture has been proven to be an effective remedy for pain. Whether you have back pain, migraines, joint pain, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, arthritis, acupuncture provides benefit to alleviate that pain. At my Brookfield, WI clinic I have many patients that come to me to treat their pain conditions and find great relief.

How Does Acupuncture Work?
Acupuncture prevents and treats diseases by inserting very fine needles into your skin at specific anatomic points of the body. These points are situated along energy channels or meridians. The principle behind this concept is that illness and disease occur because there is an imbalance in your life force or energy otherwise known as Qi. It is believed that this energy flows in 14 channels in the human body known as meridians which branch further out to the bodily organs and functions. If there is a blockage or obstruction in a meridian, this is when you succumb to a disease or an illness.
Modern research studies have shown that acupuncture releases endorphins (our body’s natural morphine). The release of endorphins would help explain how acupuncture treats pain so well and why a patient is extremely relaxed after having an acupuncture treatment.
Many in the medical field are still skeptical that acupuncture really works. There have been many studies showing that acupuncture is effective to treat many conditions. Also, people are continually going back for treatments and referring others because it does in fact work. Acupuncture may also help you avoid expensive surgeries and down time at work. Pain killer medicines do have their side effects and are damaging to the liver. Acupuncture therapy does not have the negative side effects that drugs do. With acupuncture you do not solve one problem to create a new problem like you find with prescription drug side effects.


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What Types of Chronic Pain Does Acupuncture Treat?
Some examples are injuries such as muscular pain, sprains, strains, joint pain, arthritis, migraine, and bone fracture healing.
There are many types of arthritis, and each require a different acupuncture procedure to improve the condition. The healing effects will vary from person to person. Acupuncture for arthritis conditions usually takes several sessions and takes a lot of cooperation with your doctor or therapist for best results.
For migraine sufferers, acupuncture provides a remedy to relieve the pain. In order to treat it, the acupuncturist must relieve the tension by inserting needles into the body meridians to improve the blood flow to the brain thus reducing the pain experienced during an attack. The needles helps your body to balance the serotonin levels since it is a neurotransmitter that affects blood vessels and has a role to play in migraines. The more frequent these sessions are the better and the sooner you can become pain free. The end result for migraine patients undergoing acupuncture is amazing. If you experience 14 to 21 days of agonizing head pain, this may be lessened to only 7 days. This may allow you to reduce your medication which provide further benefits and detoxification.
Other pain conditions that can be cured by acupuncture include acute backaches, shoulder and neck aches, leg pains, trapped or pinched nerves, muscle related injuries, after surgery healing, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, menstrual pains, tooth aches, abdominal pains, and rheumatic pains. Basically, if you have a pain condition, acupuncture will be able to treat it and make you feel better.

Benefits of Treating Your Pain
For those who are working, treating your chronic pain will reduce absence from work and better productivity. We all know how difficult it is to concentrate and get through the work day when you have a splitting headache or severe back pain. The only thing you can think of at that point is going home and going to bed. Chronic pain and raising children is not a good mix either. Children need our constant attention but being sidelined with chronic pain makes nurturing them so much more difficult. For those enjoying their retirement years, treating your chronic pain can help you be more active and able to enjoy your free time.

Better Sleep While You Heal
You may experience difficulty sleeping when you are in pain. Lack of sleep does not help the healing process. Acupuncture has become a popular alternative to common remedies such as sleeping pills but without negative side effects. Acupuncture works at the nerve levels, which relaxes and soothes your senses. Acupuncture is thought to be a far safer route for insomnia because it brings back your natural sleeping rhythms and cycle through a natural means and not through drugs and chemicals, which can turn into an addiction. Using acupuncture for insomnia associated with your pain condition usually starts working after the very first session. The treatments are would be stretched out for a period of time, until your body becomes pain free and you return to your natural sleeping cycle.

How Else Can An Acupuncturist Use To Treat Pain?
An acupuncturist may use tui na massage, acupressure, electrostimulation, and heat to stimulate these points in order to balance the movement of energy and promote the healing process. Herbal balms and oils may be used to relieve the pain.

Does Acupuncture Treatments Hurt?
You may feel an initial pin prick but usually there is no discomfort during your acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture needles are extremely thin. If there is discomfort, you need to let the acupuncturist know. Your treatments are not supposed to be painful. Oftentimes patients fall asleep during a treatment. That is how relaxing it is and painless.

How Often Should I Be Treated?
To fully heal your condition, you should try get in a number of treatments. As the symptoms go away it still is recommended to continue follow up treatments but with more time in between treatments in order to stay pain free.

What Else Can Acupuncture Treat?
According to the World Health Organization or WHO, this is a list of some illnesses where acupuncture is used. These include acute bronchitis, the common cold, cataract, toothaches, gingivitis, hiccups, ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, depression, sciatica, stroke, morning sickness, headache and migraine, Meniere’s disease, osteoarthritis and a lot more.

How Much Does Acupuncture Cost?
Your acupuncture costs are priced reasonable for the market. The goal is to provide maximum health benefits that one can afford. Acupuncture can be covered by insurance. The patient is encouraged to contact their insurance provider and determine the steps to get reimbursed for treatments. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are a before tax option that can be used to pay for your treatments. Acupuncture may also help save you money in the long run if you avoid a surgery or no longer need a daily prescription.

What Else Can I Expect With My Acupuncture Visit?
You may need to make some lifestyle changes as there are trigger factors that have been known to cause chronic pain. Stress is number one on the list so you get enough rest and exercise as well as eat a balanced diet. Your acupuncturist will discuss nutrition and exercise options with you that will promote healing and better overall wellness.

About me
Saida Reifenrath is a licensed acupuncturist in the State of Wisconsin and has been practicing in the Milwaukee area since 2006. Her clinic is now located in Brookfield. Her main specialties are pain management, weight loss, stop smoking, and allergies but she has successfully treated a wide variety of health concerns in her years of practicing acupuncture. She is trained in clean needle technique along with laser acupuncture.

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